All In One Stock Three Successive Trades

Often making 300%+ gains in less than four months. There is no hanging around with these stocks. We are either making money fast or losing money fast. Either way it is hit and run trading.

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This is pure high risk gambling.

All in THREE successive trades

Risk: 70%+

Potential reward: 1,000%+ Target on each trade is 300%. Three successive trades….do the math.

Now it is high risk. So you only trade with an amount you can lose. And lose it you could. Best to think of it as a 50/50 probability than rely on it coming off. Heads you lose. Tails you make $100,000+

Some of these stocks are not highly liquid. Where I might struggle to buy more than 15000 without moving the stock. That could come to play.

I will contact you after every trade. You can stop at any time..AFTER a trade has finished. But the deal is three successive trades. If you cancel before this we will not be doing business again.

I will not be revealing the method or giving away anything on the buy/sell I do on these stocks. Don’t even ask me.

Time: Hopefully with one year. Give or take a couple of months

Fees: 20% of final profits.

Start with $7,000. That is more than enough for this type of trading. Can you risk that?

A new system only traded in 2023 on-wards.


Four trades

2 hit 300%

1 hit: +125%

1 loss at -39%


1 trade: +300%