Stock Trading

Goal is an easy 40%+ Per year trading multiple strategies. Relatively small losses with big gains when right.

In the past I relied on one system. Which is fine but that system can show no stocks for months whilst other stocks move. Now I use four systems. That gives trade almost every month.

It is not a day trading method. BUT it is best to at least monitor intra day. This can be the difference from good gains to outstanding gains. Take a look at a stock SWIN. By watching intra day I was able yo get out with over 300% gains. HAD I have left it for the next day I would have got out with less than 100% profits.

TEN positions. Even a losing trade the maximum loss is 4%. The average being 2.4%. The winners are in the 100% to 300% range. Which is 10% to 30% on the account.

Experience counts. Decades of watching and trading stocks counts. You get to see similar patterns. You get a feel for the movement. That’s why “black box ” trading should be avoided. Markets change all the time. See what is currently working and trade it. When it changes adapt. So when you some “punk” on youtube bragging about easy money who looks like he just left high school. Maybe you want to stop and think. Experience really does matter.

As long as I keep the winning % 60% to 70%+ All is good. When I say the goal is 40% per annum. That is the low end of expectations.

Seeking TWO high net-worth investors. Must have liquid, investable assets > $2 million. Not interested in anything less. Or/and a net-worth greater than $10 Million. I want a wealthy investor wanting to make more profits. Not broke “traders” where $5,000 is a matter of life and death.

No management fee

15% of annual gains

As the method can trade some relatively illiquid stocks this is not scale-able beyond a limit. I know the figure. Once reached profits must be pulled out annually.

Email me for performance. I will be interviewing you. You need to prove you are wealthy. Let’s not waste our time.

** Past performance does not guarantee future performance. There is a risk of losses. Only trade what you can afford to lose **