Stock Trading Books For You

  1. Nicolas Darvas: How I Made $2 Million In The Stock Market. I found an interview with Darvas later on. Click Here
  2. Jesse Livermore: Remin. Of A Stock Operator
  3. Market Wizards 1

And it is not to copy their systems or methods. But to read about their experiences of trading.

I.E Darvas’s “box system” is a complete waste of time. BUT his experience of going from penny stocks and hunches to trading the higher priced leading momentum stocks is priceless.

The 7 Habits of a Successful Trader Click Here

1-2-3 Trading System. Click Here

An Interview With Nicolas Darvas. Click Here

Trading Updates Click Here

Managed Accounts: Click Here

Youtube and social media was superb for sources of wisdom prior to 2010. Now it is ruined with complete scams and vendors. Some of the research into some stocks 1998-2008 was amazing. I wonder where these guys went? Sign of the times I guess.

There are some videos worth watching with Peter Lynch, (his books are also worth reading) William O’neal (CANSLIM) etc but keep out of the comments section. Ruined sadly.

By far the best stock screener to use. Free as well.

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