The Big Money In Stocks Is Made This Way.

Businesses SELL

Retail buy

Retail play the stock market.

The savvy money creator takes companies public

But the big money is made by taking companies public and being a seller.

Think about it. How many people get rich trading stocks? Very few.

How many made their fortunes creating a business (or buying one)creating revenues and profits ( in fact you don’t even need profits these days) Taking it public through an IPO. Being issued with millions of shares at zero cost.

Offloading chunks of shares over time. It depends on how successful the company is as to whether you hold on for the long term or sell.

Musk, Zuckerberg, BEZOS made their billions doing this.

When you hold millions of shares of a $300 stock priced company that’s how big money is created.

Those are the 0.01% cases. But it can be done on much smaller scales

July 2024 offer:

The Plan: Drill. Expand. List.

The goal is to develop the mine into a 2+ Moz silver equivalent (AgEq) per year producer at an all-in sustaining cost (AISC) of less than $20/oz.

The plan is simple:

  1. Take the company public by the end of 2024, enhancing liquidity and providing shareholder value.
  2. Drill out higher-grade areas over the next 12 months to increase the resource size and average grade.
  3. Fill the mill to capacity, thus lowering costs per tonne by spreading fixed costs across more material.
  4. Restart production if and when silver prices merit. (At US $29/oz, it’s starting to look good.)

More details:

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